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Guide to Armwrestling

Provides you with all the guidance you need to enable you to train yourself to become a world class armwrestler. With fitness tips, dietary advice and detailed illustrations, this book really is a great source of information for enthusiasts of all ages.

This is the original and the best fully illustrated book now on armwrestling. Learn the world’s greatest moves: Hook, Top Roll, Drag Down, Shoulder Block, Cobra Strike, Over the Top plus many more. Learn about training and most importantly how to beat your opponent.

The Guide to Armwrestling is not a autobiography this book was specifically written to highlight 17 of the world’s best techniques. It's A5 size, which makes it easy to carry, and easy to be used as a quick reference guide.

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Common Hook TopRoll Shoulder Block
The Hook (also known as the Common Hook) is the most used of all the techniques in Armwrestling. In most clubs this will be the first move you will learn before going on to more advanced techniques.
The great advantage of the Hook is the level of control you have over your opponent. This technique immediately gives you better leverage, allowing you to apply more power as you bring your opponent in towards your chest and down towards the pad for the pin.

The second most used technique is the TopRoll, which is similar, in many ways, to the Hook. Both are used for finishing moves, but what makes the TopRoll different is the way you position and wrap your hand over the top of your opponents thumb.
The Shoulder Block is one of the most effective blocking moves in the sport of armwrestling. This simple maneuver is most useful when you do not want to risk losing the pin on strength alone. The procedure for this technique is as follows: after coming out of the start position, reposition yourself so that most of your body is behind your right arm, with your left arm completely stretched out You are now effectively blocking any attempts by your opponent to bring you down.
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